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Whether natural stone, manufactured material or a combination, we offer all the accedssories needed to successfully implement and maintain any hardscaping project. 

Key accessories include:

  • Landscape (separation) fabric for underneath patios, sidewalks, mulch or stone, and behind retaining walls.
  • Fabric staples for securing fabric
  • Professional edging for holding in place paver, slab or stone surfaces
  • Stone and sand products required for basic construction
  • Adhesive for attaching project components that need permanent placement such as wall caps, step treads, corners and cuts
  • Corrugated dainage pipe for behind walls and around patios.
  • Straw blankets for protecting post project lawn seeding
  • Specialized tools for the professional landscapers and masonry installers
  • Diamond blades for cutting pavers, slabs and stone
  • Paver and retaining wall lighting as associated electrical supplies to light up your finished project, featuring Integral lights
  • Joint stabilizers for creating impermeable joints and protecting your project from weed growth
  • A full range of cleaners and sealers for finishing touches and maintainance